Installing the Dropbox VCL Compo­nent and the Demo Program

  • Download and extract the installer.
  • Install «SetupTrust2DropboxFree1.0.x» (the VCL Compo­nent).
  • Install «SetupTrust2DropboxDemoStandalone1.0.x» (the Demo Program).
  • The default installation can be found under «Program Files (x86)».
  • Install the VCL Compo­nent «Trust2IT\Trust2Dropbox\Trust2Dropbox.bpl» to C++ Builder.
  • Copy the Demo Program «Trust2IT\Trust2DropboxDemoStandalone» to any writeable folder, then open the Project and compile it (don't forget to replace the «Dropbox App Key» with your own «App Key»).
  • The VCL Compo­nent «Trust2Dropbox.bpl» must be found (check the Windows Path variable) when running the Program.
  • In the directory «Trust2IT\Trust2DropboxDemoStandalone\bpl» are all required «BPL» (C++ Builder DLLs) to execute the Demo Program (only if necessary).
  • Trial Version only supports files up to 10MB.
Picture Trust2DropboxDemoStandalone
Link this application with your Dropbox account.
List the given Dropbox directory and show all Folders/Files.
Get the Dropbox Metadata from the given directory (Folder/File).
Copy the given Dropbox directory to another Dropbox directory (Folder/File).
Move the given Dropbox directory to another Dropbox directory (Folder/File).
Delete the given Dropbox directory (Folder/File).
Upload a local file to a Dropbox directory.
Download a Dropbox file to a local directory.